Anonymous said:
You love melinda gordon ( jennifer love hewitt)?

i love melinda and i love j love so much

Anonymous said:
the complete series of ghost whisperer is pretty cheap on amazon uk. and it's pretty decent set too, it has the season individually and multiple different language subtitles (even tho you probably dont need subs)

no i love having subtitles i can’t get by watching anything without subtitles! and i know but thanks for letting me know anyways! :) however, the problem is that i’m in full time education and i haven’t got a job yet and i hate to ask my mum to waste her money on things i don’t actually need so that’s why i haven’t bought it yet.

Anonymous said:
oh my god are you lafferti?

yep looool 

Maybe they’ll put that on my gravestone, “Melinda Gordon, who had a handle on w e i r d things.”

She knows that you were a l w a y s there for her, even if she didn’t realize it. Even when she thought you couldn’t see her.

I don’t want you to come here anymore. It just… it h u r t s us both. 

Anonymous said:
are you going to buy the gw boxset?


Hey. What’s with that email you sent me? “Come see me before you leave, if not, be careful.” What, did you have another bad omen? What’s the difference? I mean, no matter what, you should be careful. You’re going to a third world country. There’s politics, scary food.

I thought we were gonna wait until I got pregnant ‘cause then we would still have nine months. Yeah, yeah, that was my plan. Very logical but didn’t seem to make you very happy. It’s not you. It’s what I do. Silly fears and anxieties, stupid things that ghosts say. Like what? That there might be a price for me to pay… for what I do. Putting myself in places where I might not belong. What kinda places? The unknown. Death.

Jennifer Love Hewitt throughout the years